The Rainbow Program

non-numerical nutrition

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A Balanced Spectrum

The natural color of food gives us the full rainbow spectrum. This antioxidant rich program of whole foods will help you to love healthy food.

This holistic approach makes nutrition practical, defines what to buy at the grocery store and how to minimize allergic reactions to foods by consuming them in their whole natural state in all colors, successful in graduating the patient to a healthful lifestyle. Discover how to substitute food colorings for the benefit of naturally colored foods, providing a balanced rainbow to the body and to the palate.

Use the Rainbow Program in support groups, health food stores, hospital programs or counseling. It works well with both children and adults, and is designed to cross language and cultural barriers.

Healing From The Natural Earth

Just as there are many modalities of natural healing, there are many methods to recovery.  Some methods work better than others, and all provide some dimension to healing that could not be offered otherwise. Some modalities of natural medicine include acupuncture, naturopathy, hydrotherapy, nutrition, dietetics, chiropractic, massage, blood analysis, and herbology.  Having a qualified practitioner gives hope to the patient that they will recover.

When a patient is given a disease diagnosis, it may lower their prognosis of recovery.  Sometimes a disease diagnosis can even be a death sentence, thus having an alternative can be of assistance.  The RP program provides an alternative by allowing natural practitioners to use this method of diagnosis so patients will have a recovery-based approach. Patients can receive an RP diagnosis, which is based on assessing the body for its primary organ, the organ with symptoms.

Using color-based medicine is designed to cross language barriers and be applicable worldwide in the treatment of disease.  It is designed to communicate nutrition information in a way that forgoes the standard numerical values for a healing approach. It is designed to help prevent and correct eating disorders, and so can assist in the treatment of both overweight and underweight individuals.  This program can also be applied to other mental health conditions with great success.


When the body is treated from a holistic perspective, healing emanates from the inside out. Natural remedies provoke a cure by balancing and supporting the body's own efforts to heal itself.

Herbs and essential oils are gentle in balancing and restoring the body to its natural state. Emotion and physical symptoms are more easily resolved when correct nutrition is applied.