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Welcome to The Rainbow Program. In the next pages, you will learn about holistic nutrition in the form of herbs, essential oils, teas and whole foods and their role in maintaining health. 


The Rainbow Program is non-numerical nutrition and is not focussed on numerical values such as calories, grams of protein or individual vitamins, but instead encourages people to eat one serving of each color each day to obtain all the necessary nutrients. The foods listed are whole foods: grains, legumes, vegetables, fruits, seeds and nuts, and can be consumed as whole food in their natural unprocessed form.


This food program and its focus an antioxidant-rich foods is ideal for patients wanting to recover from cancer, but particularly auto-immune disorders. It includes the research of Emily Isaacson and cutting edge information about cellular communication by including foods that contain essential saccharides and polysaccharides. These are found in some very specific foods and modulate immune function.


There are many different forms of healing available, but there is also a common language between them. The Rainbow Program provides this common language with a program that crosses language and cultural barriers, providing nutrition and healing principles that apply to anyone regardless of their disease or condition. It gives the possibility of healing the mental, physical and spiritual person, by providing an intuitive dimension to holistic nutrition.  The Rainbow Program also teaches an intuitive, spiritual element that allows each patient the tools to recover based on a healing color approach. Colors are provided as wavelengths through healing foods, herbs and essential oils.


A sense of wisdom must prevail in natural medicine, a sense of applying the appropriate cure that has its roots in both scientific evidence and as determined by the patient’s individual needs.  To find holistic health, one must improve the overall functioning of the body, which then improves emotions, thoughts, behaviors, habits and constitution.  As one’s constitution is strenghtened, one is more resilient, more balanced and more able to consume nutrients in the right proportion for health.


This holistic approach makes nutrition practical, defines what to buy at the grocery store and how to minimize allergic reactions to foods by consuming them in their whole natural state in all colors, successful in graduating the patient to a healthful lifestyle. Discover how to substitute food colorings for the benefit of naturally colored foods, providing a balanced spectrum to the body.

The Rainbow Nutritionist


This program was created by Emily Isaacson, CHN, and is produced by Holistic Vision Canada. Emily Isaacson has a degree in nutrition from Bastyr University and provides individual consultations by home visit, educational seminars, and workshops. Visit The Nutrition Wellness Clinic.


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