The Rainbow Program

non-numerical nutrition


As there are many different forms of healing available, there should be a common language between them. The Rainbow Program provides this common language with a program that crosses language and cultural barriers, teaching nutrition and healing principles that can apply to anyone regardless of their disease or condition. It gives the possibility of finding wholeness by the integration of a spiritual, intuitive element to medicine.  This program, unlike shamanism, is based on an intuitive, spiritual element that allows each patient the right to recover based on a healing color approach. Colors are provided as wavelengths through healing foods, herbs and essential oils.

A sense of wisdom must prevail in natural medicine, a sense of applying the appropriate cure that has its roots in both scientific evidence and as determined by the patient’s individual needs.  To find holistic health, one must improve the overall functioning of the body, which then improves emotions, thoughts, behaviors, habits and character.  As one’s character is improved, one will make better decisions, and find life-long fulfillment and happiness.  This holistic approach makes natural medicine more accessible, more able to bend to fit each individual, and more likely to be successful in graduating the patient to health.

Once a person has reached their health potential they will feel energetic, alive and their bodily and circadian rhythms will be in harmony.  Their hair and skin will be smooth and lustrous, and they will be free from unpleasant symptoms, the body’s language of distress. When they feel good, they will have more motivation to cook and eat healthfully, to exercise, and to have a spiritual center where they are whole. This will bring fulfillment and success to not just the individual but also to their family unit and community.

Global wisdom is necessary to bring healing to the largest number of individuals, to make healing a priority and to provide individuals in impoverished countries and cultures the way back to health.